Michael Jackson

A star since the age of 12 when The Jackson Five registered four Number 1 hits in 1970,  Michael Jackson parlayed his remarkable singing and dancing talents into megastardom, the likes of which few entertainers have ever known, and yet at the very height of his fame, allegations of child molestation severely damaged his career, sending the "eccentric" performer into an even more reclusive posture than usual. The son of an abusive father who drove him and his brothers mercilessly to their success, he missed out on a normal childhood, forced not only to convey the composure of an adult in his little boy's body as the front man for the popular group but also to branch out simultaneously as a solo artist. Jackson was more than equal to the task as his stunning accomplishments attest, but what price did he pay for a lifetime in the spotlight? It is not so farfetched that his penchant for surrounding himself with children is an attempt to vicariously experience the joys of a childhood sacrificed at the altar of the recording industry