Kevin Richardson

Kevin was born on October 3'rd '71. For those of you who believe that he was born in 1972.

Kevin is Brian's cousin and lived on a farm until he was 9 years old. Later he lived in a log cabin until he was 18. When he was a kid in school he played little league football, rode horses and dirtbikes. He got his first keyboard when he was a freshman and was a member of the school's drama club and chorus. Before he joined BSB, he worked at Walt Disney World in Florida.

His favorite color is royal blue. His favorite food is "mom's cooking". He likes to make the most of the little time that he has so that he can concentrate on getting his personal life in order.

Kevin says that he would like to work on his sleeping habits. He is so busy that when he does get some free time, he doesn't want to waste it sleeping! When he gets back to his hotel room after a concert he likes to watch TV, read, write music and play video games with Nick. There's just no time for sleep